“I have been seeing Eric weekly for the last year and his skills have made an amazing impact on my overall health. He has helped me recover from ligament damage after a broken arm, chronic lower back pain and even a numb toe. His approach to healing is holistic and he always educates his patients about the many contributors to their pain or ill health, whether they be poor posture, diet, metabolism or an injury to another body part.

Seven members of my extended family have been to see Eric, for various physical ailments, and he has done them all the world of good. In fact, the main thing that my son misses about Singapore is Eric; as a keen soccer player he has sought help from Eric in dealing with injuries and now that he is at university in Canada, he laments the fact that he can’t find anyone with the same holistic approach to rehabilitation. He recently said “I’ve found a physiotherapist here, but he’s just not like Eric”.

I would recommend Eric to anyone who needs assistance with their physical well-being. He understands the human body like nobody else I have ever met.”

Gabriela Domicelj

Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre Patient