“Just thought I’d express my thoughts regarding my treatments and consultations with you over the last five to six years.Having smashed my back on a bike in 1986 and being a gym junky for the last ten years Chiropractors, Physio’s and Osteo therapists have become more familiar to me than my visiting family from London. Most are mediocre, some are not very good at all. I’d got so used to telling a therapist my problem…them telling me back in a different language what i just said and sending me away to fix myself with exercises morning and night that i had forgotten that my expectation could be much more until you started working on me. Now when I displace a vertebrae or impinge a nerve or knot a muscle I go to you knowing that I’m going to leave your clinic not getting a plan to fix the problem but to have it fixed. I walk in in pain, not being able to look down or to the right as normal, usually after a few terrible sleepless nights…almost running to your clinic. And leave with total relief. Full range of movement restored, pain gone and knots gone. Yes, you still nag me to do the exercises but that’s to keep it better not to make it better. You totally changed the amount of pain I need to manage and the amount of time I need to manage it for. You are the best Osteo I’ve had in my 12 years in Singapore and I couldn’t thank you enough or over recommend you to anyone. Speaking of which my fiancé Yana wanted me to add a massive thank you. She never believed me when I told her you’d solve her lower back pain that she’d suffered with for three years after giving birth. But you did in two seasons. God knows what I’ll do without you when we relocate to Thailand. But thank you for being the best I could ever possibly hope for.”

Peter Mitch Mabbort

Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre Patient