Living with pain is not normal or acceptable as inevitable in ‘old age’. Osteopaths can get you back to a living a fuller lifestyle with increased mobility allowing you to enjoy life to the max! Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from babies, elderly, office workers to amateur and professional athletes.

What is Osteopathy?


If you're looking for a natural, hands-on solution to resolving and managing of acute pain, look no further than osteopathy. Your highly trained and experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.

Have you been frustrated with traditional methods that fail to provide adequate relief and seem to merely mask the problem without providing long-term solutions? Osteopathy may be the answer! It is a safe, effective, hands-on approach to fix and manage acute musculoskeletal complaints.

Osteopathy is a natural management option for acute pain. It is a safe and effective hands-on treatment that works by restoring the balance of the body, thus providing relief from pain and discomfort. 

Osteopaths use a range of techniques to assess the condition of pattens joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves and soft tissues. This helps them to identify the source of any pain or discomfort being experienced. Benefits include improved mobility and flexibility as well as relief from pain and swelling in joints. Osteopathy can also provide relief from headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder strain and sports injuries.

Our three step process helpyou by:

1. Alleviating the current issues, problems or symptoms
2. Assessing and treating pre-existing conditions that are causing the difficulties and 
3. Finding the correct maintenance procedures to prevent recurrences
Our highly experienced Osteopaths can help you reduce the prevalence of pain, gain confidence in movement and return to a normal lifestyle by addressing chronic conditions. They assist with sports injuries, work related injuries and help other physical performance issues. 

The holistic approach adopted by osteopaths helps to create an overall sense of wellbeing which can help reduce stress levels in patients. It is no surprise that osteopathy is becoming increasingly popular among people seeking an alternative approach to managing their health and wellness.

Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages, making it an optimal form of natural care. From children to seniors, individuals can rely on the safe and effective methods of osteopathy for a wide range of problems such as muscular pain or joint dysfunction. Osteopathy is also able to provide preventative measures through its hands-on, natural approach which explores structural functions in the body and addresses underlying issues that exacerbate pain or discomfort over time.

Osteopathy has been known to provide comprehensive and effective relief from various acute pains. Our knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy combined with our holistic approach helps us diagnose issues related to movement, structure and physical impairment. Customised plans for postural problems, work related strain, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, pregnancy care, headaches, cranial and general neck, back and shoulder pain will address your unique needs. This may include gentle massage techniques as well as manipulation therapy, manual therapies and exercise prescriptions specifically tailored towards getting you on the road to recovery.

Osteopathy is a safe, effective and natural form of healthcare that focuses on the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic conditions. It is a hand on approach to care that involves gentle manual techniques such as massage and manipulation of muscles and joints. The procedures used in osteopathy are designed to stimulate blood flow, improve mobility, strengthen weakened structures and enhance relaxation. With a focus on assessing, diagnosing and managing musculoskeletal disorders using preventative strategies, including advice on lifestyle modifications to help management long-term health goals, you can trust that your experience with an osteopath will be as safe and effective as possible.

Don't suffer any longer! Take control of your health and embrace the benefits of osteopathy for pain relief today. 

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Conditions Osteopaths treat

One of the main purposes of osteopathy is pain relief and improved mobility. Osteopathy helps people of all ages who suffer from acute or chronic pain, tackling complaints ranging from sports and work-related injuries to arthritis and sciatica. The skilled techniques of osteopathy can often allow you a speedy return to normal activity.

General & Problems

Postural Problems

Work Related Strain

Sports Injuries

Pregnancy Care

Babies and Children


Leg Length Discrepancies