• Do you find that you are having more hand and wrist pain in todays climate of constant use of
        electronic devices
  • Does the pain in your hands restrict you from doing activities of normal daily life such as opening jars
        or tinned food and drinks?
  • Is the pain limiting your ability to do your job properly

    It is important to have early diagnosis and management of injuries in the hands, as your hands and wrists are key in enabling you to function normally in your day-to-day life.

    Some simple techniques to help alleviate the pain are

  • taking regular breaks from using electronic devices   through out the day
  • stretch the muscles of your forearms by putting the fingers and palms of your hands
        together in front of your chest and gently pushing your wrists downwards.
  • Use alternating hot and cold hand baths to improve circulation, relax muscles and reduce
         swelling and pain.

Osteopaths can assess the root cause of your pain and provide the necessary treatment to alleviate it. Treatment may involve massage, joint mobilization, stretching and exercises, as well as advice on ergonomics (assessment of your working environment) and posture. Ergonomics are especially important in today’s society where more people are working form home and are not using good desks and chairs.

Treatment may also be of areas outside the immediate area of pain such as the shoulder and neck and thoracic area of the back if the osteopath assesses these to be contributing or causing the pain.

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