Back Pain

  • Do you wake up with a stiff back in the morning?
  • Feel older than your years when you struggle to get up off the floor due to your back pain?
  • Have back pain that restricts you from the activities you enjoy?

More and more people are turning to osteopathic treatment for back pain as it does not involve the use of medication or surgery. Whether it’s lower, middle or upper back pain, there is good evidence that osteopathic medicine is effective in treating it.Some more simple issues with back can be resloved by exercises at home.

  • For morning stiffness bend your knees and rock them from side to side before getting out of bed
  • use a hot pack regularly on the bottom of your back to help relieve tight muscles
  • massage the muscles of the back by gently rolling on a tennis ball against the wall

On going back pain is not a factor of ‘old age’ and we should not have to ‘live with it’.

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Osteopathy provides a holistic treatment for back pain using diverse techniques to relieve pain and treat a variety of problems. These techniques include:

Massage - free restrictions and areas of tightness within muscles, massage addresses the whole body so as to restore its vitality. The osteopath may also use traction, where your head, feet, and hands are slightly lifted and pulled to relieve stress.

Spinal manipulation - used to help restore movement to a joint or threat asymmetry in a facet joint.

Muscle energy technique - with this technique, the patient uses his or her muscles in a specific direction and from a precise position against a counterforce applied by the osteopath.

Counterstrain technique - this technique implies the patient being moved away from a position where movement is restricted to one of greater comfort

Cranial osteopathy - a form of gentle bodywork addressing the bones of the head and spinal column.

These treatments increase and restore joint mobility by reducing pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, as well as improving blood flow and enhancing tissue elasticity. The cause of pain differs from one individual to another and therefore treatment of other body areas such as the neck, the hips, or the knees may be necessary to allievate the back pain.

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