Neck Pain

  • Are you constantly waking up with neck pain or headaches?

  • Could you be spending too much time in a poor postion in front of your computer or phone

  • Want to ease that tension in your neck naturally without the neeed to resort to painkillers?

Here are some simple tips that can help alleviate your pain

  • Set an alarm regularly through the day to get up and do some simple neck rotations

  • Hold the back of your head and stretch your neck diagonally down towards the opposite knee.

  • Hold for at least 30 seconds

  • Do some shoulder rotations. Many headaches stem from tension and tightness in the shoulders

Neck pain may be caused by a variety of reasons from poor posture at work or generally, to sleeping in a position that is not ideal. It is easy to dismiss it and think that it will go away but sometimes delaying treatment means a longer recovery time and can lead to more chronic problems such as headaches, migraines and even numbness and tingling in the fingers and hands.

Using a combination of tissue release, manipulation, traction, ultrasound and movement and exercise, osteopathy can help to ease pain and stiffness and prevent future injuries or pain attacks by strengthening the spine and neck muscles.

Our patients often report immediate benefits with with improvements in headaches and neck pain even after only one treatment. See what one of patients said on this link Testimonials

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